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How do I know if I have problems with alcohol consumption?

Book your appointment with a healthcare professional, who will guide you in evaluating and managing your alcohol consumption. Take care of your physical and mental health, acquire tools for your life and take control of your consumption problems.


Do you consume large amounts of alcohol?

Do you do it for a longer time than anticipated?

Do you have an insistent desire to stop or regulate your use

Have you tried to stop using but can't?

Do you spend much of your time consuming or recovering from alcohol?

Have you breached academic, work or domestic duties due to its consumption?

Can you continue using despite recurring or persistent problems?

Have you reduced or given up important social or family activities due to alcohol use?

Have you consumed alcohol even in situations where doing represents a physical risk?

Have you increased the dose you initially consumed?

Do you experience discomfort when you stop using alcohol?

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