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Manual Detox

Reduce the damage that psychoactive substances do to your body

If you consume any legal or illegal substance, you should detoxify periodically so do not stop using it.


Why is it important to detox ?

It is scientifically proven that the consumption of psychoactive substances is harmful to physical and emotional health.

For this reason, if you are a consumer of any substance (alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, etc.), you must implement risk and harm reduction strategies that allow you to take care of your health.

Quitting consumption and detoxifying the body regularly can help you rest and reduce the adverse effects resulting from the use of drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes or others.

Learn the pillars of risk and harm reduction strategies (physical activity, sleep and rest, diet, and detoxification aids).

Living to the fullest doesn't have to mean putting your health at risk

We know how important it is to live life experiences to the fullest, we understand it and for this reason, we have worked to provide you with the best strategies so that this does not mean putting your life and health at risk.


This manual is for

  • People who habitually consume psychoactive substances and want to take care of physical and mental health

  • People who want to stop using psychoactive substances on their own


  • Learn about the real risks of drug use

  • You can implement this manual whenever you feel you need it, we recommend doing it 2 times a year

  • Learn how to take care of your health in a simple way with a document designed for drug users

Desintoxicacion rehabilitacion drogas
Desintoxicacion rehabilitacion drogas
Desintoxicacion rehabilitacion drogas
Recursos Deliberar-17.pngDesintoxicacion
Recursos Deliberar-14.pngDesintoxicacion

Detailed 7-Day Guide to Home Detoxification

Instructions for the preparation of 23 natural infusions 6 physical exercise routines

7 smoothie recipes

3 mindfulness exercises (meditation technique)

7 recipes for preparing breakfasts

4 imagery exercises (relaxation technique)

12 delicious recipes for lunch prep

Recipes and instructions for preparing homemade steam baths

5 easy recipes to make for dinner

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