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Official Release March 2019

2018 was a year of exponential growth for our initiative, we never imagined the welcome we were going to have and we want to thank you for that . However, our message has also reached people who do not share our point of view and this has brought us some inconvenience. At the end of the year Facebook (owner of Instagram) notified us that our advertising account had been blocked, since we “promoted illegal activities”; There we started a process to recover the management of the account but it was not possible, so we decided to rethink the way we were transmitting our message.

Now that we know that we are visible to people who believe that the solution is prohibition rather than education, we want to make our message clear:


#deliberate is a risk reduction initiative for NON-PROBLEMATIC consumers of psychoactive substances. Our first recommendation is always: DO NOT CONSUME psychoactive substances since it is scientifically proven that this can have negative consequences for your physical and psychological health, in addition to other economic, work, social problems, etc. However, we understand that some people AUTONOMOUSLY decide that they want to consume and for them we provide information based on scientific evidence and popular knowledge that allows them to reduce the negative consequences of consumption; We also provide tools so that people can identify if they are having a problematic consumption and solve it (learn about our services here ).


The information we provide is directed only to people over 21 years of age, since scientific evidence shows us that before that age the brain has not reached its highest peak of development and introducing any psychoactive substance into the body significantly increases the probability to develop an addiction (learn more here ).


Our approach is scientific and health and although we do not have any political affiliation, we do have a position in favor of the regulation of the drug market.

That is why from this moment we invite you again to enjoy our content, which will be published mainly on our site and we ask you to help us continue to carry our message of conscious consumption. Follow us on our social networks as @deliberarspa.

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