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Ethanol is responsible for the effect it produces. It is obtained from fermentation, as in the case of wine and beer, or distillation, as in liqueurs. The graduation refers to the percentage of pure alcohol in the product and ranges from 5-7 ° for beers, to 40-50 ° for some spirits.

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Effects of alcohol according to the amount

What are the effects of alcohol?

The effects depend on the concentration of alcohol in the blood, the amount and speed of intake, the type of drink and variables such as weight (affects more people with less muscle mass), sex (female tolerance is lower), issues such as having an empty stomach, which generates a greater effect and the psychological disposition of the person before consumption.

What is the recommended alcohol dose?

The liver has the ability to metabolize an average of 10g of pure alcohol per hour . This corresponds to one unit of alcoholic beverage , that is:

  • A can of beer

  • A glass of wine

  • A shot of distilled beverage


The WHO recommendation regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages is:  


P ara women, not exceed 20 grams a day Drinker risk has a weekly alcohol consumption above 17 units

Weekly safe limits



Weekly risky limits



Numerous epidemiological studies show that organic damage and objective health risks arise from these limits


P ara men is no more than 30 grams in one day. A risk drinker is an individual with a weekly alcohol consumption above 28 units in the male.

Weekly safe limits



Weekly risky limits



Numerous epidemiological studies show that organic damage and objective health risks arise from these limits

Batteries! That does not mean that all units of alcoholic drink can be ingested in one sitting, these data are calculated based on a maximum of 3 units of alcoholic drink per day


How the blood alcohol is removed?

Ethanol is a molecule more soluble in water than in fat, so it is usually eliminated through respiration, sweat and urine. It is metabolized through the liver, which has the capacity to process between 10 and 20 grams of alcohol per hour.


Formula for calculating alcohol

To calculate the proportion of grams of alcohol per liter of blood there is the Widmark formula, which helps to determine the level of alcohol:


Grams of alcohol per liter of blood


grams of pure alcohol

weight (kg) x 0.6

Grams of pure alcohol


graduation x ml (cc) x 0.8


For example

wine-glass_1f377 (1).png

A glass of table wine (100cc)

at 12 degrees it would give 9.6 grams of pure alcohol.


A beer

(330 cc)

with 6 degrees it would give 15.8 grams of pure alcohol


A glass of cava

(100 cc)

with 12 degrees it would give 6.6 grams of pure alcohol.

cocktail-glass_1f378 (1).png

A snack

(70 cc)

at 17 degrees it would give 9.5 grams of pure alcohol.

Graduation values of alcoholic beverages

Here are some graduation values for the most common alcoholic beverages in consumption:

wine-glass_1f377 (1).png

Table wine

10 ° -13 °


Sparkling wine

10 ° -12 °



4 ° -8 °



30 ° -60 °

cocktail-glass_1f378 (1).png


25 ° -50 °

If you want to know some recommendations for before, during and after alcohol consumption, do not miss our blog post .

Recomendaciones para el consumo de alcoh

General recommendations for the use of psychoactive substances

📌Do not consume any psychoactive substance, if you do so other than on a regular basis.

📌 Take care of yourself physically before, during and after consumption through nutrition and hydration.

📌Implement detoxification strategies the days after consumption


🔥 Warning signs 🔥

If you feel the need to increase the dose to feel the effects you initially felt, give yourself a break and do not consume for a long time, this will decrease tolerance, keep it there through non-habitual consumption, that is, do not take part of your routine or that the consumption does not present a pattern.


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