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2CB or Tussi

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What is the 2CB or Tussi ?

4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenylethylamine, or 2C-B, is a hallucinogenic phenylethylamine created by Alexander Shulgin in 1974, when he was exploring the synthesis of an analogous substance, known as DOB (2,5-dimethyloxy-4 -bromoamphetamine) (Erowid, 2000).

Its classification as an entactogenic substance could be considered more appropriate, in the sense that it produces a deeper contact with oneself and with others , with hallucinogenic characteristics, by altering visual perception. (González Muñoz-Caballero, 2016. p.82)


Starting in 1994, a process of regulation of the substance began in Schedule I of the United States (US Justice Department, 2001), Holland (1997) and Japan (1998).

Currently, it is included in list II of the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of the United Nations, authorizing its therapeutic use and allowing its use in clinical trials of human pharmacology and exploratory therapeutics (International Narcotics Control Board, 2003).


It is a derivative of phenylethylamine, whose chemical structure is related to amphetamine and mescaline .

It belongs to the type of molecules known as 2-Cs , an acronym invented by Shulgin that refers to the two carbon atoms existing between the amino group and the benzene ring of the chemical structure (Shulgin and Shugin, 1991).

This family of molecules have in common 2 methoxy groups in positions 2 and 5 of the aromatic ring, in contrast to other phenylethylamines such as MDMA, cathinones, methamphetamine, dopamine, epinephrine, bupropion and a host of phenylethylamines that do not share this structure (Dean et al., 2013).

Furthermore, the 2C family has a lipophilic substitute in position 4 of the aromatic ring, which specifically in the 2-CB molecule, is a bromine atom (Theobald et al., 2007a). It is hypothesized that this halogen substitution in position 4 of the aromatic ring is the one that grants a structure similar to that of other hallucinogenic substances (Monte et al., 1996) (González Muñoz-Caballero, 2016. p.20).

How does the brain 2cb or Tussi?

The mechanism of action of 2C-B seems to lie in its ability to increase the concentrations of dopamine and serotonin in the synapses , through the release of these neurotransmitters and the inhibition of their reuptake.

This mechanism of action is quite common in almost all amphetamine derivatives , although the release-inhibition profiles are variable.

In addition to acting as an indirect agonist of several receptors, 2CB also has direct activity on different receptors, primarily serotonergic ones (Nugteren-van Lonkhuyzen et al., 2015 in González Muñoz-Caballero, 2016. p.21)


Does 2cb or Tussi produce addiction ?

There is little data on patterns of use, abuse and dependence.

However, references to the potential for abuse of 2C-B in the scientific literature are quite frequent (Dean et al., 2013; Rohanova et al., 2008; de Boer and Bosman, 2004; Carmo et al., 2004; de Boer et al, 1999 in González Muñoz-Caballero, 2016. p.29).


Scientific evidence suggests that the criteria for abuse and tolerance could be met, but not those for dependence and withdrawal .

The World Health Organization considers that 2C-B could have a moderate capacity for abuse , especially in polydrug users , which is why it has been classified within List II of prohibited substances (Federal register, 2001 in González Muñoz-Caballero, 2016 . p.29).


On the Internet, statements of a possible tolerance to 2C-B can be found, especially when high doses are consumed and it is administered together with other substances, such as cocaine and ketamine (Erowid, 2009 in González Muñoz-Caballero, 2016. p.29 ).

On the other hand, there seems to be a genetic profile of people who have a low sensitivity to the effects of 2C-B and need to consume doses above 30 mg to feel any effect (Erowid, 1996; Bluelight, 2014).

2CB or Tussi adulterations

2CB is one of the main NPS used as an adulterant of other drugs , the presence of 2C-B mixed with LSD and ketamine has been documented and there is a wide market in which 2C-B is sold as MDMA (Giné et al., 2014 ; Togni et al., 2015).

This implies that many people can consume 2C-B, thinking that it is MDMA, and redose with MDMA , increasing the risk of suffering a serotonin syndrome, without knowing the cause.

Risks due to mixtures of 2CB or Tussi

Amphetamines or MDMA

The fact that it is metabolized mainly through MAO-A implies a possible interaction with other MAO-inhibiting substances, such as MDMA or amphetamine, increasing plasma 2C-B concentrations and increasing the possibility of suffering effects. toxic (Theobald et al., 2007; Carmo et al., 2005; Kamorini et al., 2013).


The mixture with stimulants of the central nervous system (cocaine, speed, etc.) dampens the psychedelic effects. As with other hallucinogens, some people may find it unpleasant due to the sharp cutoff in effects. Similarly, it is contraindicated when there are previous conditions of hypertension and cardiovascular problems. (The Universe of Drugs, nd)


There are no risk interactions when combining these two substances, beyond the recommendations of each substance. Remember that under the effects of psychedelics it is possible to feel greater pleasure when smoking, so it is recommended to measure tobacco consumption during the 2C-B experience. (The Universe of Drugs, nd)


It can cloud the experience and make it more confusing. (Échele Cabeza, 2018)


Combining 2C-B with LSD is to enhance the psychedelic experience to one of its highest expressions. The reports that exist of this combination speak of experiences of up to 20 hours of hallucinations, confusion, difficulty distinguishing reality from fiction, lucid dreams and more. In case you plan to do so, remember that it can be an extremely upsetting experience and may increase the likelihood of anxiety, panic, or psychosis attacks.


As with LSD, cannabis can significantly enhance the effects of 2C-B. There is no known case of potentiation of the toxicity of either of the two substances when consumed together, however there are reports of psychedelic experiences with a high degree of introspection when combined.

Heroin and opiates

As with other psychedelics, the stimulating effects of 2C-B tend to cancel out the pleasant relaxation of heroin, while the depressant effects of heroin cancel out the hallucinogenic and stimulating effects of 2C-B. This (The Universe of Drugs, nd) can create a cycle that can more easily lead to a heroin overdose. (The Universe of Drugs, nd)


Adverse effects or long-term effects

There is not enough scientific evidence to delimit the long-term effects of 2CB consumption since it is relatively new on the market.


2CB poisonings or Tussi

There are not many scientific reports on poisonings in the world and in Colombia.

Caicedo Valle, Berrouet Mejía and Saldarriaga Giraldo (2017) describe three cases of subjects that show cardiovascular, neurological and muscular complications associated with the consumption of 2CB in Medellín, on the other hand González Muñoz-Caballero (2016) describes three cases of intoxication in the United States and New Zealand, all these cases present specific symptoms, mainly cardiovascular and psychiatric .


A wide range of adverse reactions described by users themselves can be found on the Internet. (González Muñoz-Caballero, 2016):


  • One of the most mentioned reactions is the attack of deep pulmonary cough that is prolonged during the acute effects of 2C-B, appearing with minimum doses of 5 mg (Erowid, 2015; 2005; 1998). It is possible that this type of reaction is related to the high concentration of 2C-B that remain adhered to the lung tissue (Rohanova et al., 2008).


  • Another type of adverse reaction is extreme changes in temperature , going from cold to heat rapidly and producing a fever of up to 38 C (Erowid, 2008).


  • Seizures with retrograde amnesia (inability to remember events that occurred before intoxication) have also been described (Eoriwd, 2012), as well as cases of extreme agitation induced by somatic delusions (Erowid, 2002).


  • There are reports of hallucinations, extreme anxiety, and an increased heart rate (Sherdley & Greenwell, 2009). These types of reactions make up the diagnosis of excitement delirium, which manifests with hypertension, tachycardia, hyperthermine, and agitation (Dean et al., 2013).

The 2CB or Tussi in Colombia

According to Quintero (Robles, 2017) refers that when analyzing 2CB samples in Colombia it has been found that “in most cases it is likely that they do not exceed 20% of 2CB, the rest are adulterants .

This is a drug that works in very small amounts. What they do is that they finish completing a gram with ketamine, ecstasy, MDMA and anilines ”, regarding the adulteration of substances, Castaño (Robles, 2017) refers that“ it has many problems, the first is that the precise concentrations are not guaranteed at the beginning asset of the one who is buying them .

So if a person buys a 2CB paste, they may be buying something that is only 15% 2CB and the rest are mixes that even include methamphetamine.

The administration becomes complex because of the mixtures that are made and because there is no adequate control of what happens when it is ingested, which is the bioavailability of the drug. "

¿E l 2cb Tussi is cocaine or pink?

2CB and cocaine are different substances .

2C-B (tussi) is a synthetic drug from the phenethylamine group and its effects are stimulant and psychedelic.

Cocaine, on the other hand, is a tropanocrystalline alkaloid that is obtained through the coca leaf and has stimulating effects.

It may be confusing that 2CB is called pink cocaine, but the reality is that chemically it tends to be more like MDMA / ecstasy.


¿E l Tussi 2cb or lose weight?

The decrease in appetite can appear as a normal effect in the consumption of 2CB, however this usually disappears after the elimination of the substance from the body, there is no scientific evidence that the consumption of 2CB directly influences weight loss.


If you want to know some recommendations to reduce risks and damages in consumption

from 2cb don't miss our blog post.



General recommendations for the consumption of psychoactive substances:


📌Do not consume any psychoactive substance, if you do so other than on a regular basis.

📌 Take care of yourself physically before, during and after consumption through nutrition and hydration.

📌Implement detoxification strategies the days after consumption


🔥 Warning signs 🔥

If you feel the need to increase the dose to feel the effects you initially felt, give yourself a break and do not consume for a long time, this will decrease tolerance, keep it there through non-habitual consumption, that is, do not take part of your routine or that the consumption does not present a pattern.


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