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The world would be a better place if people learned to live our lives to the fullest without jeopardizing our physical and mental health

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Assess your use of legal or illegal psychoactive substances

Do you want to know what type of substance use you have or if you have any problems derived from this use? Evaluate your consumption and acquire tools for its management.


Treatment of addictions or problem use

Receive attention and psychological support to overcome your addiction problems or problematic use of legal and illegal psychoactive substances.


Consult an expert if you have a drug-using family member

Our team of professionals is ready to support you so that you can assertively handle the issue of drug use with a friend or family member.

Did you know what?

Only the 11% of drug users suffer from some use disorder

In the world there are around 275 million people who use drugs

244 million do so without having any disorder derived from consumption and without requiring attention from the health system

el 11% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas
el 89% de los consumidores de drogas

Source: Latest world report on drugs delivered by UNODC in 2018

Do you think it is possible to have a

Responsible drug use?

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The best information on legal and illegal drugs

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We have developed this site with the intention of providing complete information on the non-problematic use of psychoactive substances.


Content suitable only for those over 21 years old

The brain reaches its peak of development and maturation between the ages of 20 and 22, before this time the consumption of any psychoactive substance implies a greater risk of developing dependence on the substance while increasing the risk of suffering deficits at the level attention, memory, information processing speed and intelligence.


Our services #deliberate

At #deliberar we have professional attention services for drug use and some informational digital tools for regular users of psychoactive substances (legal or illegal), among them are:

Online store #deliberate

You can buy our products and resources in our online store, buy from your home and office, 100% safe and guaranteed purchases.


Payment methods

Our payment gateway in Mercadopago , make your transactions with peace of mind using your credit or debit card or cash.


Our blog

Find on our blog content of interest about psychoactive substances, drug policy, myths and truths, mixtures, epidemiological data and others.



Warning #deliberate

Our first recommendation is NOT TO CONSUME ANY PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCE, if not, then delay the consumption of any of these until after age 21.

If you are already a habitual user of drugs or psychoactive substances

Implement strategies that allow you to preserve your physical and mental integrity, in #deliberate we will provide you with information based on scientific evidence and popular knowledge so that you reduce the risks and damages associated with drug use.


If you think that you or someone you know has a problem use of psychoactive substances

If you feel that you are losing control over your behavior, if you are investing too much time, money and energy in consuming, if you are having family, academic or work problems due to consumption, if you recognize that you are exposed to risk situations under consumption, among others; find an appointment for consumption management with our professionals who will be willing to help you.

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