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The world is going through a pandemic and in #deliberate we believe that the best way to face the contingency is through information, that is why we have created this manual in order to accompany drug users.

What can you find in this manual?

Information on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) if you are a drug user, information on the risks you assume when consuming substances such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or heroin, and strategies to take care of mental health and manage anxiety and the withdrawal syndrome in case during the quarantine you need to control your consumption, cannot or do not want to consume.

You can download this document for free or you can make a donation for it from:

  • $ 3,000COP (- $ 1USD)
  • $ 15,000COP (- $ 5USD)
  • $ 30,000COP (- $ 10USD)

We hope you enjoy it!

Pilot the Ship from Home - Survival Manual Quarantine Edition

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